Typesome changelog

v.2.0.1 - November 2nd, 2017

  • Fix: Google Fonts are now served over HTTPS

v.2.0.0 - October 29th, 2017

  • Support for Ghost 1.0
  • Dropping support for older Ghost versions
  • Added: disqus.hbs - One file for simpler configuration of your disqus.
  • Updated: FontAwesome icons are now using CDN with latest version.
  • Removed: meta.hbs file no longer exist. Note: recommendation for implementing custom code is now Code Injection in Ghost Settings
  • Removed: google_analytics.hbs file no longer exist. You can now paste your Google Analytics code into Ghost -> Settings -> Code Injection

v.1.2.1 - January 24th, 2015

  • Hotfix: Added dynamic copyright year in footer area.

v.1.2.0 - November 1st, 2014

  • Added: Support for Ghost v0.5.3
  • Added: Post Cover Images feature
  • Removed: Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Schema.org markups has been removed since they're now default in Ghost.
  • Updated: FontAwesome version 4.2.0 included.

v.1.1.0 - August 14th, 2014

  • Added: Support for Ghost v0.5
  • Added: Author Pages (author.hbs)
  • Added: Custom Tag Pages (tag.hbs)
  • Fix: Author image in post page now scales properly.
  • CSS: minor fixes and changes.

v.1.0.1 - July 24th, 2014

  • Fix: New (normal) way for installing Disqus commenting system and Google Analytics. The old way caused unnecessary problem related to text editors, for some users.
  • File update: readme.html
  • File update: google_analytics.hbs
  • File removed: disqus.hbs

v.1.0.0 - May 18th, 2014

  • Initial release